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Initiative for customs exemption of internet shopping up to 150 euros

The Postal Agency submitted an initiative for triple increasing of the sum up to which the international ordered items are customs exempted. At the moment, items of total value of up to 45 euros, including transport charges, are exempted from customs duty. If the initiative is accepted, items of total value of up to 150 euros will be exempted from customs duty.

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Eighth public meeting of the Postal Agency

Агенцијата за пошти ја одржа својата Осма јавна седница на 20.12.2013 година (петок) во хотелот Best Western –Хотел Турист , сала Амбасадор.

The Postal Agency held its Eighth public meeting on 20.12.2013 in the Best Western Hotel – Hotel Turist, Ambassador hall.

The following agenda was discussed at the meeting:

  1. Review of the activities of the Postal Agency for 2013,
  2. Five years of regulated postal market in the Republic of Macedonia.


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Bilateral meeting with representatives of the Republic Agency for Postal Services of the Republic of Serbia

On 29th and 30th January 2014 in the premises of the Postal Agency a bilateral meeting was held between representatives of the Republic Agency for Postal Services of the Republic of Serbia and the Postal Agency. The aim of the bilateral meeting is deepening of the correlations and exchange of experiences in the area of postal traffic regulation in both of the countries, as well as the perspectives and possible barriers for further development of postal services on the European and world market.

As a result of the past good international relations, and regarding further deepening of cooperation, main event of the bilateral meeting was signing the Memorandum of mutual understanding in the area of postal service regulation.

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